Epps Bistro & Chef Terique truly complimented our VrroomVIP Smooth Jazz ESPRESSO concert with a high degree of quality and elegance. The food presented and staff were absolutely amazing, just the right touch of class.

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Main Services

Ted R. Rogers Jr.

​​CEO - VrroomVIP: Upclose & Personal

Special Event Pricing Table (excludes grocery costs) 

Dinner Type
Intimate Dinner for 2Per Person (4 or more)
3 Course
4 Course$175.00$45.00
5 Course$200.00$55.00
Chef's Table (6 Guest Minimum)
Cocktail Party (20 Guest Minimum)

Call for pricing

To ensure the success of your gathering your personal chef will collaborate with you or whomever you designate to help plan and design your menu. From the beginning to the end your event will be covered in detail to make sure your guest's needs are covered. 

Once again, our dinner was a completely enjoyable experience. The food was absolutely fantastic and I received rave reviews!  As always, your pleasant demeanor and customer service only served to enhance the evening. 


Weekly Diner Pricing


Weekly meal pricing starts at $150, plus the cost of groceries. This cost includes a customized menu created each week, and a chef who will prepare four meals (2 servings per meal) in your home each week. The price also includes grocery shopping, cooking, maintaining a stocked and organized kitchen, and cleaning. We will also leave reheating instructions when needed. Weekly meals are balanced entrees complete with protein, starch, and sides prepared each time your chef visits. Appetizers, salads, soups, and desserts are available upon request.

We do not include the cost of food in our services because everyone's food preferences vary!

All of our services are completely customizable to fit your needs and the needs of your family. If you and your family have a need for more hot meals we can negotiate a fair price based off of your needs. Our goal is to ensure all dietary needs are handled efficiently and you have as many meals as you would like weekly. 

Weekly Service Pricing Table (grocery cost not included)
Dinner Per Week
Basic Service for Individuals
Basic Service for CouplesBasic Service for Family 

Premium Services - For additional $50 your chef will stay through the dinner hour to plate, serve, and clean after you are finished. Your 5 star restaurant in your own home!   

Lynetta Chisolm

Loyal Customer

Personal & Private Chef Services

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